Our Birth chart & Astrology Report is personalised & based on your birth info. Birth chart and report are emailed as a pdf within 24 hours.

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The birth chart and report are personalised & based on your birth details. Please enter below the following details:

  • Name of the person the report is for

  • Enter Birth Data (date, time and place of birth)


Astrology is the oldest cosmic science used to understand human behaviour. A Birth Chart is a graphic, an astrological blueprint and a unique representation of the soul's journey. It is an important tool to understand the energies that may be working in your life. The birth chart & the report are only aimed to help you to understand who you really are. Knowing yourself is the first step to freedom and change, which will help you to create the life you love. Each of us is responsible for our own realities and experiences. This means we have the free will to decide if we really want to progress dissolving and releasing the karma of the past. Karma is not intended as a punishment but only a way for the soul to learn and progress.  

This package doesn't include the 90 minute astrology coaching session that can be booked contacting us.


The birth chart with its planets, houses and aspects may give insights on a predisposed personality, but it will never tell you what to do. 


Items required to calculate the Birth Chart are:

  • Your Full Name

  • ​Date of birth – Day, month, & year

  • Time of birth – Hour & minute

  • Place of birth - City & Country


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** The report & chart provided with this service are provided for your information only and it shouldn't be considered as any kind of advice or instruction related to any area of your life, nor it should it ever take the place of professional services, including but not limited to medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological service. **


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