Reiki is an ancient form of therapy that has been used for more that 2000 years and was re-discovered by Dr Usui in Kyoto, Japan. Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal (Rei) Life Energy (Ki). It works through us and using its energy is one of the most empowering experiences we can ever have.


A Reiki session involves the channelling of the "universal life energy"  or energy flow through the palms, which may help to become more aware of the self and it may allow energetic self-healing. All sessions are unique and always different.  


There are 7 main Chakras or energy centres in the body and they correspond to different colours and they have specific functions. Reiki sessions help to balance the Chakras, reconnecting and balancing mind, body and spirit. 


Reiki treatments facilitate the release of energetic blocks and promote the development of self-awareness, clearing the subtle energies of the body while relaxing the mind. 

During the session you are fully clothes and you may experience insights in various forms (images, colours, scents, inner voices, and body’s sensations). At the end of the session, a short consultation will provide a valuable explanation of the insights perceived during the treatment.

The session includes a consultation before and after the energy treatment for a total of 60 or 90 minutes.

  • 60 minute Reiki Session $104.00 (GST incl.)

  • 90 minute Reiki Session $160.00 (GST incl.)

Please Note: Reiki can be used in conjunction with Remedial Massage,