Reiki Workshops

Would you like to learn how to use Reiki on yourself daily? Now you can with our Reiki workshops.  

We offer face-to-face groups & one on one workshops for both Level I & Level II.

Level I: A one-day workshop provides you with the basic knowledge for self-treatments and treatments of friends and family members. No Prerequisite. 

You will Learn:

  • The History of Reiki

  • How Reiki works

  • The benefits of Reiki on our energy system

  • Hand placements for both self-healing and the healing of others.

  • Meditating with Reiki

  • The Chakra and Aura system.

  • Grounding techniques 

  • Reiki Attunements

Level II: A one-day workshop that provides the student with the knowledge of the Reiki Symbols that helps to increase the energy level. Prerequisite: Reiki Level I.

You will Learn:

  • Review of the Level I workshop

  • How to draw and use Reiki Symbols

  • How to use Reiki on yourself & others

  • Distance Reiki Treatments

  • How to scan the Aura and the Chakras system

  • Techniques to help you access your intuition

  • Practice “hands-on” to experience Reiki

  • How to visualise the meridian and chakra energy systems in the body

  • How to set up your business and keep clients records​

  • How to set up & cleanse your Reiki space

Stefania is a qualified and experienced Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher. She has been working with Reiki for many years providing effective treatments aimed to help each person to become more self-aware and able to use their own energy in a powerful way. From this year, we offer personalised, face-to-face, one on one training that must be booked in advance with Stefania. You can easily book your workshop by paying the fee below and then contact us to arrange a suitable day and time for the training. 

Please Note: this Reiki system is that of Dr Usui, an ancient Japanese form of energy healing. Reiki is non-religious system. 

  • Level I - Investment:  $399 each participant. The cost includes the training, Reiki manual, Certificate of attendance & unlimited telephone support for the first 3 months after the workshop.

  • Level II - Investment:  $499 each participant. The cost includes the training, Reiki manual, Certificate of attendance & unlimited telephone support for the first 3 months after the workshop.

Level I - $399 



Level II - $499



(Prices are GST inclusive)


We are open

Wednesday & Thursday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Friday: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 12:00pm (First Saturday of the month)


Monday, Tuesday & Sunday Closed.  

Please call or email us to book your session. 

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