Astrology is the oldest cosmic science used to understand human behaviour. 


A Birth Chart is a graphic, an astrological blueprint and unique representation of the soul's evolution. It is an important tool to understand the energies that work in your life. You will discover your possible challenges, the “gifts” already received, and the essential lessons to learn in this lifetime to increase personal awareness and spiritual growth.  


In evolutionary astrology, the Birth Chart reveals the development and progression of the soul and its intention, which includes dissolving the karma of past lifetimes. All the circumstances and the people of our present life have the aim to help us to evolve and progress. However, each of us is responsible for our own realities and experiences. This means we have the free will to decide if we really want to progress dissolving and releasing the karma of the past. Karma is not intended as a punishment but only a way for the soul to learn and progress.


An astrology coaching session is not "fortune-telling' and it aims to empower each person in the process that will assist them to unlock the answers that are already inside them.


A Gift to buy for yourself or for someone you love.

90 minute Astrology Consultation + Chart + Report

  • Initial Consultation 90 minutes $190.00  

    it includes:


    • birth chart

    • short report

    • 90 minute consultation at the clinic

Consultations are by appointment only. Appointments can be made by contacting us. 


Wednesday - Friday  9am - 6pm


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