About My Self-discovery Program

Take on a Journey of self-discovery that will allow you to develop your intuition and build self-confidence to follow your passion, and create the life of your dreams.
Learn how to access your intuition with techniques that will help to discover your passion. My coaching programs provide tailored tools to help you to develop self-awareness and discover your unique gifts. 

  Find your passion and apply it to your life and career.

My Self-discovery
Personal Program


  • Develop your intuition


  • Find your true passion

  • Connect with who you really are & find a sense of purpose

  • Build self-confidence & Self-esteem


  • Learn how to create the life of your dreams with a proven step-by-step guide


  • Develop self-awareness


  • Learn how to rewrite your limiting beliefs

  • Discover your unique gifts & talents​

  • Gain confidence in your abilities 

  • Believe in yourself uncovering your potential

  • Change the way you see yourself

  • Take control of your life finding inner balance & peace

  • Access your inner power and learn ho to use it​


  • Get a clear understanding of what you really want 

  • Walk the path that makes you happy and whole again 

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Online Teaching

What Will You Learn in My Coaching Program?

  • ​Self-awareness: understand the difference between role and identity and the importance of self-perception. 

  • Soul's Journey: an astrology birth chart, report & consultation to help you get in touch with the wisdom that is already inside you.

  • What you really want and why: identify your gifts, your purpose & your passions and start an exciting spiritual journey.

  • Discover Your Inner Power: learn how to use your energy with Reiki Level I attunement. 

  • The Power of forgiveness: learn how to consciously practice forgiveness and reach inner peace

  • Develop your Intuition: learn how to use your intuition working with your chakras & their energy

  • Powerful Beliefs: eliminate limiting belief system and choose new ones  and how to overcome common excuses that can hold you back. 

  • Empowerment: Be your best self & take you power back to set goals that will create a happy and fulfilling life. 

  • Be Happy Now: Have an action plan to be happy every day