Astrology & the Sacred Journey of the Soul - Online Live Course




4 hours to be booked in advance.

About the Course

The aim of this Online Course is to introduce you to astrology and the energies of your birth chart, a unique representation of the sky at the precise time of your birth. The Birth Chart reveals the development and progression of the soul and its intentions. All the circumstances and the people of our present life have the aim to help us to evolve and progress. However, each of us is responsible for our own realities and experiences. This means we have the free will to decide if we really want to progress.

In the course we cover:

  • What is Astrology: The history and the application of astrology

  • Astrology: the language & its symbols

  • The Wheel: Circle universal symbol

  • How to create your Free birth chart

  • Exploring your birth chart

  • Houses: The area of life planets will seek to express their energies

  • Planets: understand planets energy and their functions in your chart.

  • The Elements: discover the 4 elements and their energies (fire, earth, water and air)

  • The Modalities: understand the way signs express their energies through modes: cardinal, mutable and fixed.

  • Polarities: understand the positive, or yang, polarities (fire and air signs) and the negative, or yin, polarities (earth and water signs)

Delivery Method:

There are 6 x 60 minute lessons and each lesson is live online, so you can ask questions and get feedback while you learn.

You will receive:

  • Your birth chart

  • A Beautiful PDF course workbook (PDF file)

  • Insights on your birth chart (

Please Note: this is not an astrology consultation but you will still learn a lot about your birth chart while learning astrology)